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Walter’s Boiler Works is a full-service company that provides sales, service, repair, and installation for all types of boiler systems. The company is headquartered in Fremont, Ohio serving all of Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Walters’ Boiler Works was established in 1994 by Timothy Walters. Timothy has more than 40 years of boiler experience himself. Adam Wammes, Andy Kistler, and Josh Seikel are part owners with Timothy. Combined they have over 100 years of boiler experience. All of our Crew Leaders are certified A.S.M.E. Section IX Qualified Welders. We have earned a reputation as being the regional leader for boiler services for traditional commercial boiler projects. 

We are proud to provide services to repair, replace, and install all your boiler and pressure vessel needs. For more information, please call (419) 355-8155 or toll free at 1 (800) 678-4321. Clients can also contact us online.

Walters' Boiler Works Inc.
Proudly Provides the Following Services

Here are descriptions
of what our various services may include:

Expansion Tank – thickness testing, checking proper bladder air pressure, inspect bladder condition – replace or repair if needed.

Pumps – Check operation of boiler feed pumps and circulation pumps. Install new seal kits. Grundfos tower replacement. Upper and lower bearings in motor replacement, orifice nipples replacement , check and replace impellers. Complete pump replacement.

Water Leg – Replace entire water legs with maximum clean outs or replace just a washed-out corner.

Combustion Check – Check burner from low to high fire for maximum efficiency.

Steam Traps – Evaluation of steam traps function. Functional or leaking or cold or blowing. Followed up with replacements or rebuilds of traps.

Fire Brick – Evaluation of firebrick/burner refractory. Patching, coating, grinding out cracks. Burner throat tile. Burner cones replacement.

ASME Section Welders – 24/7/365 on call ASME Section IX qualified welders.

Vacuum Receiver Tanks – Inspect and flush upper and lower tanks. Check operation of vacuum / ball floats. Re-build or replace pumps.

Parts – Stock boiler tubes, pipe fittings, hand hold and manway gaskets, float control gaskets, sight glass and gaskets, burner controllers, Sealex, tube brushes.

Tube Replacements – dye check and grind out fire cracks. Replace straight through / dimpled tubes / XID tubes (rifled Tubes) / aluminum Alfer Tubes.

Boiler Install – We install hot water boilers, sectional boilers, up-right boilers, fire tube boilers, watertube boilers and also electric boilers (all commercial boilers).

Sectional Boiler – We will replace an end sections or intermediate section, all new sections with push nipples or neoprene gaskets torqued to factory specs.

Open and Close – Tear down entire waterside / fireside and all low water safety controls. After Inspector with the State or Insurance inspects boiler, we will install all new waterside and fireside gaskets and check safety controls for proper/ safe operation.

R-Stamp – Field and shop metallic repairs and alterations of pressure retaining items per the national Board Inspection Code.

Piping – high and low pressure steam, gas, oil, air, condensate, stainless steel piping, stacks, water lines, gas vents, boiler blow down piping (Threaded, Welded, or ProPress).

DA Tank – Open and inspect all parts of a DA tank, including steam spray nozzle, baffles, vents, traps, float controls, steam regulators, pumps and also do thickness testing of the vessel.

Condensate Tank – open and flush all sediment inside tanks. Weld on temporary patches or install completely new tanks with couplings in mild steel and stainless steel.

Our Team of Professionals
Offers 24-Hour Emergency Service

We can perform boiler repair and preventive maintenance in less time than it takes for a factory replacement. Access to critical parts allows our crews to quickly solve problems that range from minor repairs to major repairs. Our knowledge and expertise in the field make us the best emergency service provider in Ohio.

We understand that downtime can cost your company money, so we will service the boiler emergency with urgency. Our boiler technicians are available 24 hours a day, and will get the job done as quickly as possible. With years of experience, our quality workmanship, and pride play a major role in ensuring superior satisfaction. Our team works hard to provide our customers with services required to maintain boilers. Reach out to us today for high-quality 24-hour emergency service.

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We are proud to provide 24-Hour Emergency Services to our clients.

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