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Walters' Boiler Works is a one-source boiler service provider. We understand the costly effects of downtime. Our knowledgeable staff of boiler installers and service technicians will get you up and running fast.

Walters' Boiler Works Installation Services Include:

  • Consultation and boiler procurement
  • Boiler transportation & removal
  • 24/7 boiler system installation & support
  • Boiler startup and service
  • A.S.M.E. Section IX qualified welders
  • Service and Maintenance

Installation and Repair of all Production or Heating Boiler and Pressure Vessels:

  • Boiler tube replacement
  • Cast iron section replacement
  • Repair and replacement of firebrick and burner refractory cones
  • Heat exchanger and aftercooler tube replacement, shell and head repair

Boiler Repair

Repair is one of the primary specialties of Walters' Boiler Works. Our crews can meet the needs and requirements of any boiler system. We are available 24/7. Our capabilities include repairing or rebuilding boilers that generally in less time than it takes for a factory replacement. We are able to access critical parts to allow our crew to remedy issues from minor refractory repairs to emergency boiler tube repairs / replacements – making us one of the best boiler service and repair companies in the area.

Welded Repair Services for all Boilers and Pressure Vessels:

  • Weld metal buildup of wasted areas
  • Base metal cracks
  • Flush patches of all sizes
  • Complete waterleg replacement
  • A.S.M.E. Section IX qualified welders
  • Materials used in fabrication, installation and repair are traceable to Code Standard
  • R-Stamp

Walters’ Boiler Works works with Fremont Boiler Works, a sister company, who has obtained the Certificate of Authorization from the National Board to use the “R” Symbol Stamp. This accreditation confirms that we have developed and maintained a strict quality control system for code repairs, and that it demonstrates its ability to perform up to the National Board’s high standards on an ongoing basis.


Preventative Maintenance

General and preventative boiler maintenance is the number one way to avoid costly outages and expensive equipment repairs. At Walters' Boiler Works, our maintenance services cover everything from cleaning to scheduled repairs. We provide maintenance for all boiler types. A yearly maintenance program ensures optimum boiler efficiency and savings.

Pressure Piping Fabrication, Installation and Repair:

  • High and low pressure steam, high and low pressure hot water
  • Water, Oil and gas

Boiler Preparation for Inspection:

  • Open all water and fireside inspection points
  • Pressure washing of the waterside
  • Hydrostatically testing the boiler or pressure vessel
  • Preparing boiler for operation
  • Coordinate with your Inspector to minimize down time

Boilers We Service, Repair and Install